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Welcome to Ursuline Sisters of Chatham

We are Ursuline Sisters, a community of committed women religious striving to respond in meaningful ways to the challenge of the Gospel. Strengthened by God’s steadfast love and inspired by our founder, St. Angela Merici, we seek to deepen our relationships with God, others and all creation.

About The Ursuline Sisters Chatham

Our Focus

Contemplatives In Action

Nourished by our relationship with the Divine, the Holy One who calls us by name, we are energized and empowered to reach out in compassion to all God’s people and to our vulnerable Earth.

Pilgrims In Service

We respond with flexibility to the needs of our time, continually seeking out new ways to be with others in a spirit of mutuality. We explore innovative ways to engage in prayer and service.

United In Our Quest

Attentive to the Spirit’s voice in our hearts, impelled by Gospel values and in tender compassion for all God’s creation, we open ourselves to the Divine Mystery manifested in our daily lives.

We Are Justice Seekers

With a particular focus on the needs of women and girls, we work together and collaborate with people of good will to advocate and assist those who are vulnerable including our fragile Earth.

Spiritual Reflections

St Angela Merici 2023

Company of companions, journeying together, concrete outreach to those most in need, active listening, dialogue, getting one’s hands dirty, living with outrageous hope and all done in a world demanding MORE, a MORE only done with the grace of God. This is the story of Angela and this is the story of the Ursulines. I attended the Ursuline staffed St. Mary’s High School in Edmonton where the Ursuline sis...

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Mother Xavier May 9th, 2022

May 9, 2022 “Spirit Seeking Light and Beauty, Hearts that longeth for Thy rest, Soul that asketh understanding, only thus can you be blest. Through the vastness of creation though your restless heart may roam, God is all that you may long for, God is all (His) creatures’ home.” This verse from a beloved hymn byJanet Erskine Stuart, speaks to the person of Mother Xavier, foundress of the Chatham Ursulin...

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Easter 2022

AN EARLY EASTER 2022 Dear Sisters and friends, Resurrection joy surprised me as it sneaked into my prayer on the third day of Lent when I prayed, “Fill me with joy and gladness and give me again the joy of your salvation” (Psalm 51) and “May the holy tent be rebuilt in me with joy” (Canticle of Tobit), and the prayer request, “May the light of Easter joy encourage me in the way of discipleship.” As I w...

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"Live in harmony, united together in one heart and one will."