Welcome to Ursuline Sisters of Chatham

We are Ursuline Sisters, a community of committed women religious striving to respond in meaningful ways to the challenge of the Gospel. Strengthened by God’s steadfast love and inspired by our founder, St. Angela Merici, we seek to deepen our relationships with God, others and all creation.

About The Ursuline Sisters Chatham

Our Focus

Contemplatives In Action

Nourished by our relationship with the Divine, the Holy One who calls us by name, we are energized and empowered to reach out in compassion to all God’s people and to our vulnerable Earth.

Pilgrims In Service

We respond with flexibility to the needs of our time, continually seaking out new ways to be with others in a spirit of mutuality. We explore innovative ways to engage in prayer and service.

United In Our Quest

Attentive to the Spirit’s voice in our hearts, impelled by Gospel values and in tender compassion for all God’s creation, we open ourselves to the Divine Mystery manifested in our daily lives.

We Are Justice Seekers

With a particular focus on the needs of women and girls, we work together and collaborate with people of good will to advocate and assist those who are vulnerable including our fragile Earth.

Spiritual Reflections

Living Parables

Saints, like Angela Merici, are for us living parables. They present alternative visions. They pay very close attention. They don’t see themselves as extraordinary. They make their way forward one step at a time, like a pilgrim. The pilgrim step in an ancient dance tradition is two steps forward and one step back. They don’t invite us to be like them, or to imitate them. They direct us, always, to the...

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Roots and Weeds

Angela Merici was a radical. Radical here doesn’t have to do with how far to the right or left of centre you are. Radical has to do with depth. Radical comes from roots. Angela was rooted. Where was she rooted? In love, of course. She was blessed, as we all are blessed by the words shared with the early Christians: May your lives be rooted in love. I pray that you may have your roots and foundation in...

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Enlarge Your Tents

When we look at the women and men who inspire us, who invite us to become our true selves, we may discover that they are often people who have moved beyond personal comfort and “widened their tents”, that is expanded their hearts to make room for the suffering, the distressed, the lost, the oppressed. These are women and men who could not be comfortable, settled, or closed in on themselves while those...

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"Live in harmony, united together in one heart and one will."