A farewell celebration for St. Joseph’s Catholic School, Chatham

A farewell celebration for St. Joseph’s Catholic School, Chatham

A farewell celebration for St Joseph’s Catholic School, Chatham

On Sunday June 9th, with joy and thanksgiving, our Sisters joined with the community of St. Joseph’s School as they marked their final year together. (1901- 2019).

Two former Ursuline principals, Sr. Patricia Maclean and Sr. Dolores Senay spoke about their years serving at this school “with a big heart”!

“The Ursuline connection to St. Joseph School started very soon after Mother Xavier arrived in Chatham in 1860 and, it seems that from their arrival  the School Trustees persisted in having them teach at St. Jos. The problem was the Ursulines were a monastic order – committed to teaching girls. As such they observed a strict rule of cloister and were not to be outside the monastery. It took a lot of negotiating and soon they found a way around the rule (which is a story in itself) and the Ursulines began to teach Catholic girls of St. Joseph School. And then in 1892 they took another big step they began teaching boys also.” ( Sr. Patricia)


“Our dedication and commitment to Catholic Education here in Chatham Kent has been a loving service to many children over the years. St Joseph’s, the first school we taught in, has gone through many changes and you know what – so have we… Now an era is ending and changes being made. When I entered the school this afternoon, many memories came floating in on me. Memories can be gifts of love and that is exactly what I will always carry with me for the staff, students and parents who enriched my life and each other’s in many ways. Our wish and prayers for all of you is that the wonderful Catholic Education received at St. Joseph’s will continue.” (Sr. Dolores)


"Live in harmony, united together in one heart and one will."