Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life

Sr. May O’Hanlon, OSU Obituary              July 8th, 2024

Sr. Mary Ellen Kenny,  OSU Obituary             June, 14th, 2024

Sr. Mary Ann Melenchuk, OSU Obituary          March 26, 2024

Sr. Patricia Anne Turner, OSU Obituary            February 29, 2024

Sr. Loretta Mitchell, OSU Obituary                  December 30, 2023

Sr. Patricia McLean, OSU Obituary                October 14th, 2023

Sr. Mary Frances Dorschell,  OSU Obituary           May 22nd, 2023

Sr. Loretta Ducharme, OSU Obituary              December 18, 2022

Sr. Irene Schnell, OSU  Obituary                        December 18, 2022

Sr. Angela Theresa Hoffman, OSU Obituary       August 10, 2022

Sr. Loretta Vogt, OSU Obituary                       June 6th, 2022

Sr. Benigna Macadaeg, OSU Obituary             April 24th, 2022

Sr. Angelina Trinca, OSU Obituary                        April 15th, 2022

Sr. Mary Hogan, OSU Obituary                         April 3rd, 2022

Sr. Rita Lavoie, OSU Obituary                  July 29th, 2021

Sr. Irene Meloche, OSU Obituary               June 5th, 2021

Sr. Vivienne Caron, OSU Obituary                October 24th, 2020

Sr. Claire St. Pierre, OSU Obituary                August 21, 2020

Sr. Frances Ryan, OSU Obituary                 May 2nd, 2020

Sr. Margaret Pray, OSU Obituary                   March 5th, 2020

Sr. Julma Dries, OSU Obituary                           November 26th, 2019

Sr. Audrey Dumouchelle, OSU Obituary     November 5th, 2019

Sr. Ruth Marie Curry, OSU Obituary                November 5th, 2019

Sr. Carolyn Krauskopf, OSU Obituary             October 9th, 2019

Sr. Helen Normandeau, OSU Obituary           September 18th, 2019




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