Are you called to be an Ursuline?

Religious life is a charism within the Church, a gift of God’s Spirit for the good of God’s people and the whole Earth community. Religious life, as lived by Ursulines, is inspired by the spirit of St. Angela Merici, our founder. As we have through our long history, Ursulines continue to seek God in prayer, in community and in service.

We make a public commitment to loving service through the religious vows of celibate chastity, obedience and poverty. These sacred promises, ever evolving in the depth of their meaning, are powerful expressions in today’s world of dedication to Gospel values, the values that Jesus embodied.

The Vows express our commitment:

  • to love wholeheartedly, striving to be in right relationship with God and all creation;
  • to live interdependently, in mutual collaboration in a discipleship of equals;
  • to live simply, to promote justice and right relationship towards Earth’s goods.

As Ursulines we are called:

  • to be for others
  • to be with others
  • to serve and enable others to serve
  • to become witnesses to the truth
  • to become signs of reconciliation
  • to become pilgrims in service, mobile, flexible, responding to the needs of the times.

If you are a woman who is sensing a Call to Religious Life, we invite you to continue your discernment with us. Such a discernment will deepen that sense of God’s action in your life, will clarify for you what is required to embark on this journey and give you a chance to know more about the Ursuline life.

At each of the four stages in the journey from Candidacy to Final Profession of Vows, Ursulines will offer support, share their wisdom and encourage your mission.

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"Live in harmony, united together in one heart and one will."