Easter 2022


Dear Sisters and friends,
Resurrection joy surprised me as it sneaked into my prayer on the third day of Lent when I prayed, “Fill me with joy and gladness and give me again the joy of your salvation” (Psalm 51) and “May the holy tent be rebuilt in me with joy” (Canticle of Tobit), and the prayer request, “May the light of Easter joy encourage me in the way of discipleship.” As I wondered if Easter joy really is an appropriate request at the beginning of Lent, I recalled that the Church reminds me that Lent is a time to recall and renew my Baptism, the moment I was plunged into the death and resurrection of Christ, and received my call as a disciple to embrace both the dying and rising of Christ in my life. Perhaps I had remained in the tomb of sadness following several deaths in the previous month, and the Spirit was now reminding me to “Look to him that you may be radiant,” by keeping my focus on Jesus’ Resurrection.
The fact that these glimpses of Easter joy were being sprinkled through my Lenten days, became my daily call to notice the signs of rising with Christ all around me, in the wonder found in nature’s unfolding of Spring with its inherent beauty, and in the special warmth, joy, and kindness of Sisters and staff who are part of life here. Maybe there were even good news stories found hidden in reports of war on TV or in the daily paper.
Rising again is the central message of the Christian tradition. That is the reason the Easter Season is about more than the Resurrection of Jesus, but also about the resurrection of everyone around him because of his own. Has my Lenten call prepared me to live as a better disciple of bountiful joy during these Fifty Days of Easter 2022? Could this be the call of all of us?
May the Spirit fill each of you with Easter joy in abundance.
Sister Barbara Anne Snyder


"Live in harmony, united together in one heart and one will."