The Rocket Launch April 18, 2018

The Rocket Launch   April 18, 2018

The rocket was launched to public acclaim in the Kiva on April 18, 2018 – no, not the latest space traveler though some guests did enquire as to whether they should come dressed as astronauts. The rocket is our latest commitment as Ursulines to reducing our footprint and protecting our environment. Lorne Little, our Operations Manager, welcomed guests at the launch who included members from the City Council, our neighbours, interested citizens and proud Ursulines.

All were interested to learn about our rocket composter that receives all of the kitchen peelings and the scrapings from our plates and in an amazing time of 10-14 days, turns them into rich, dark compost. Sr. Theresa Campeau and Sr. Anne Denomy spoke of our Ursuline commitment to environmentally friendly practices – very timely as Earth Day was April 22. Two presenters especially well-received were George Brown, CEO of MASS Environmental Services, the Canadian distributor of the rocket which was shipped from England and Lyndsey Davidson of the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit under whose auspices the Chatham-Kent Community Gardens operates.  The compost which we produce will nourish our gardens and is being shared with the thirteen community gardens located throughout Chatham-Kent.

Following the presentations and many questions, the guests retired to the back garage to view the rocket. The Villa generates 30-40 pounds of kitchen waste every day or about 6 tons per year. The rocket will save these 6 tons from going to the landfill.

For further information about the Rocket, download George Brown’s rocket overview in PDF format.

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