Weaving Connections With Women

Weaving Connections with Women

As we experience diminishment in our form of dedicated life, we see new horizons of vitality and hope – women who seek to be together, to work to promote justice, who seek an experience of community.

Naturally, as Ursulines, we connect with women interested in and inspired by the charism of St. Angela Merici. Among these women there is a thirst for community. They are conscious of the accomplishments of communities of women through the centuries, their widespread work to chart new paths for justice and change. In these times women see the needs and know that if they gather and work together then can accomplish great things for the good of all.

Three such communities are:

  • Seeds of Hope
  • Companions of St. Angela
  • Lay Community of St. Angela

Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope is made up of Canadian lay women from various parts of Ontario and some Ursulines. It is a community of women working together to deepen their commitment to each other and to the women of Peru, to discover meaningful ways to communicate across distances and to develop concrete ways to express solidarity with one another. As a group, the members of Seeds of Hope collaborate with the Ursulines in fundraising and promoting projects in Peru. Seeds of Hope is strengthened by its relationships with its sister communities: the Chatham Ursuline Sisters and the Lay Community of St. Angela in Peru.

Our Vision Statement

We are women who express passion for justice in many ways in our world.

We are women who nurture and support one another’s hopes and dreams through gatherings of deep listening.

We are women who encourage the work and aspirations of our sisters communities in Canada and Peru.

We are women who value connection, solidarity and the importance of face-to- face dialogue.

We are women who celebrate each person’s uniqueness and how that informs what each does.

We are women daring to reach out with our gifts in the world.

We are women who create reflective space.

Companions of St. Angela

Living the spirit of Angela Merici.

Since 2007 a flourishing network of Companions has developed in Windsor, Chatham, London and Toronto. These women, who gather regularly in their own areas, break open and share the bread of their lives as they pray, reflect, discuss and join their efforts in the works of justice and peace.

As companions, what do we seek?

  • To discover and be moved by the Spirit of Angela Merici
  • To deepen the spiritual bonds that connect us as a basis for community
  • to act locally and globally to promote justice and compassion for Earth and its inhabitants

What is it we share?

  • We long to deepen the relationships of our lives with God, others and with all that is created in our universe.
  • We carry in our hearts a desire to create community where we can belong and grow together.
  • We have a sense of mission.
  • We are aware of the treasure that has been held and shared by communities of women through the centuries and, in particular, that which is shared by the Ursulines.

What are we doing?

  • We are gathering regularly in small circles in Chatham, London, Toronto and Windsor. Our circles are expanding.
  • We are reflecting on the life and writings of Angela Merici and on other spiritual writings.
  • We are gaining support (we are supporting each other in our) for our personal action to promote justice.

We are continually called into ever deeper relationships with God in all creation so that we may be responsive to the needs all around us.

Becoming a Companion of St. Angela

For information on becoming a companion of St. Angela, please contact: ursulinesisterschatham@ursulines.org


20 Merici Way,
Chatham, Ontario,
N7L 3L8.

Lay Community of St. Angela (Communidad Laical Santa Angela)

The lives of Ursulines have been deeply enriched by the Lay Community of St. Angela, a committed group of Peruvian women which has been in existence for over 30 years. The Lay Community of St. Angela began as the fruit of an evangelization experience of a Church committed to an option for the poor. The group continues to expand and develop with an ever deeper desire to continue discovering and living the charism of Angela Merici.

"Live in harmony, united together in one heart and one will."